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Introduction: Most organisations choose SaaS

There are significant advantages to having Aptean take care of your Paragon system by hosting it in the Aptean Cloud.

The vast majority of new customers choose Software as a Service (SaaS) over an On-Premise deployment. This page aims to help you understand the reasons why.

SaaS vs On-Premise

Deployment Flexibility

Aptean offers the advantage of choice, giving you the flexibility to opt for your preferred deployment method. Choose whatever works best for your business:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

"Software as a Service" is where we take the hassle out of hosting your system.

We run the servers, we handle the upgrades, maintenance and security. For organizations with a focus on putting as much of their infrastructure in the cloud as possible, our SaaS option is a cost effective way of doing that for your transport & logistics solutions.

You don't lose out, you just have a hassle free life with lower IT involvement and a zero infrastructure footprint.


You can have full confidence in Aptean's SaaS platforms because of the high standards that are set, measured and audited. Aptean runs a SOC2 programme* that is audited by an independent third party. SOC2 reports are available upon request.


"On-Premise" is where you will host Paragon on your own IT infrastructure.

You will have the overhead of buying and running the servers. You will handle the upgrades. You will do the maintenance and manage the security. When something goes wrong, your IT team will be the first port of call.


It’s faster to get started in the cloud. You have no servers to provision, no IT requisitions to make. Our team will create your unique resident, using one of our industry standard templates, in our cloud platform and provide you access to it. You will then be straight into your configuration project to suit your business requirements with your allocated project team.


It will also be faster for users. The cloud enables rapid computing power and storage expansion as you need it. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure platform, Aptean enables you to leverage the world’s leading cloud computing platform, providing you the scale needed to grow well into the future.


We are continuously improving Paragon by releasing new features. Only by being on the latest version can you take advantage of these features. These features are designed to make your teams more productive and to enhance your transport & logistics operation, and so all customers want to have access to them. By being in the cloud, you will always be upgraded to the latest version of Paragon. Better yet, there is no additional cost for this service. Upgrades are covered by your existing subscription.

Cost Effectiveness

A prime advantage of cloud is cost effectiveness and low total cost of ownership. Leveraging cloud infrastructure allows you to quickly scale without the corresponding fully-burdened internal IT costs. SaaS, in particular, offers more unique cost advantages. Lower start-up costs, an easy to understand subscription model, and lower capital investment make Paragon SaaS an appealing option for many customers.


Paragon in the cloud offers world-class security. Aptean, Microsoft, Cloudflare and Darktrace will take care of all aspects of security, namely: data, application, physical, infrastructure, firewalls, access control, testing, auditing.


We will take full accountability for the recovery of the solution should there be a reason to recover from an event. Our target uptime is 99.9%, RTO (Recovery Time Objective) 24 hours, RPO (Recovery Point Objective) 4 hours.

Data / GDPR

You will always own your data. Whatever you put into Paragon is owned and controlled by you. In the unlikely scenario that you choose to leave the Aptean Cloud (if you are moving to an on-premise solution, or moving away from Paragon entirely), we will return your data in a timely manner so your transition is a smooth one.

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